✔️ Choose Your Virtual Assistant Type


Need help choosing? No Problem! Reach out to us and we can do a Zoom call to help guide you to the right VA for you.



✔️ Onboard with Our Team


Once you have checked out, you will receive an onboarding email with our team. There will be some documents that you need to sign and some questions to answer so keep a look out for your emails.

We will also let you know what tools you will need to set up prior to your VA starting.


✔️ Choose Your Candidate


Once we have a match for you, we will send you the candidate's qualifications for you to review and approve.


✔️ Introduction to your VA


Once the VA has been approved, a start date will be solidified and you will be introduced to your new team member.


✔️ Zoom Call with Our Team


We want to be sure that you completely understand how and what your VA is trained on as well as the tools they need to do their job. During this call, our managers will cover all questions you may have.


✔️Ongoing Support and Training


Even after your VA is placed, we are here for ongoing support and training. Please reach out to us at any point if you have questions or concerns.