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Real Estate on AUTOPILOT... 

With a virtual assistant for almost every role,

you're one step closer to closing deals like never before.


An Assistant for Every Role

Choose Individually, or Pick Up a VA from Every Role, and Build the Perfect Rapid Assistant Team


This VA can buy homeowner lists, skip trace for phone numbers, and market to them with texts, direct mail, and ringless voicemail, all on Autopilot.

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Cold Calling

This VA can buy homeowner lists, skip trace for phone numbers, and make up to 12,000 cold call dials per month, all on Autopilot.

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This VA will take your existing seller leads, negotiate them down to an offer amount that you choose, and get contracts signed, all while following our "two-call" system. 

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Follow Up Specialist

This VA will work to rejuvenate your seller list, and contact them through text, email, and calls to bring you in some unrealized deals!

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This VA will work to build your buyers list, and sell your negotiated contacts to them through text, email, and calls for a profit!

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Lead Management

This VA will work to review your new leads as they come in, set max offer prices on properties, and keep an overall watch of your leads!

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Cash Buyer Lists

This VA will work to build motivated cash buyer lists to allow you to disposition properties quickly and easily!

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On Demand Cold Calling

This VA will handle the tedious task of cold calling, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your business.

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Bookkeeping VA

This VA will work to review your accounting info, expenses, and have QuickBooks experience to keep your financials in order.

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Executive VA

 From admin tasks to personnel management, to managing high-level projects; an executive assistant should be ready to take on any task at the drop of a hat with a positive attitude.

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Social Media VA

From generating leads, to engaging with customers, and exponentially increasing your followers, our Social Media VA can help you double your revenue.

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What others are saying...

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Pawel Tomczyk

"Going well with Marco! I don’t have any questions or concerns"

Jasper Cool

"Michael has been doing amazing so far! I think he's gotten us 22 contracts since starting at the very end of January so he's been phenomenal!

Thank you for the follow-up, I'd be most interested in a lead manager VA or possibly another ACQ VA in the near future.’’

Tristan Adkins

"My VA Sean, is doing great!

We are waiting on a cold calling VA currently!"

What can you expect from a Rapid Assistant VA?

Rapid assistants are all about getting the busy work done in your business, closing more deals, and having a better time doing it. The more deals you close, the faster your business can hit its goals. No matter which virtual assistant you choose, you can count on three things:

First Class Training

Your VA will be rigorously tested and trained throughout their onboarding period.

Daily Metrics 

Your VA will give you a breakdown each day to show you what they accomplished. these metrics can drive critical business direction.

Virtually Limitless

Since your VA works from home, you can decide to drop them into a new market at any time with minimal challenges!

Our Policies and Guarantee

We are so confident that you will love your new Rapid Assistant that we are willing to offer our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Learn More Below.