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The POWER of an Acquisitions Sales Person, WITHOUT The Cost!

Being Able to Hire a Fully Trained, Vetted, and Live Lead Tested Acquisitions Agent Is a Game Changer. Whether You Are a New Investor Who Wants an Edge or a Seasoned Pro Scaling a Team, Being Able to "Plug-In" These Employees is Nothing Short of Amazing. This Service is Going to Disrupt the Real Estate Investing World.

Get Your Acquisitions VA!

Trusted and Used by the Best Real Estate Companies Nationwide

Matt Larson - "These VA's Will Change the Industry FOREVER!" 猸愶笍猸愶笍猸愶笍猸愶笍猸愶笍

"Anyone who buys a volume of houses, no matter what your dispositions strategy is (flipping, rentals, wholesaling), needs an Acquisitions VA. We cracked the code on how to find and perfectly train Acquisitions Virtual Assistants, and everything changed. Our VAs TRIPLED our closed deals compared to our Local American Closer, and have proven the same results for countless other clients!"

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Ryan G (Client)

"Chris is doing very well. We have closed 5 deals recently and he performs his position very well."

Jasper C (Client)

"Thank you! Amazing job this week again! From 2 contracts to 7 contracts all in the last 4 days of the month!"

Brandon M (Client)

"Jonathan is doing amazing. Zero complaints. "

Casey R (Client)

Richelle is great. Awesome attitude, has taken initiative to add information and formatting to end of day reports that makes it easier for us. We are very happy with her."

Cynthia P (Client)

"Rachel is GREAT! Very intuitive and respectful to our sellers. We work very well together."

Jasper C (Client)

"Hey Hazel & Jemary.....guess what? Michael has gotten FOUR contracts this week already!! And he might be getting one or two more tomorrow!!

Weekly Ongoing Skill Training

You Aren't Just Getting a "Closer"... You're Tapping Into a Network!

Once you purchase your acquisitions virtual assistant, our team goes on the hunt for the perfect candidate. The entire process can take 6+ weeks as it's a very in depth and strategic operation. We screen and vet countless of applicants and only allow the best potential to even begin our training process. From there, they enter into our strenuous training course that provides education and testing including even calling our own personal live leads in our local market AND using our Podio CRM to work through the process. However, not everyone makes it through the training process. If we feel a candidate will not be a good fit for our team at any point, they are not allowed to continue training and they are cut from the process. For those VA's that complete our rigorous training course that prepares them to be a skilled closer, the training doesn't end there. Every week, Matt personally meets with all Acquisitions VAs to talk about new findings, tactics, and help your employee through any bottlenecks they may have encountered. This is like having Matt (who has negotiated and closed over 2000 deals himself) in your corner, helping your business become one of the best. 

Take a look at some highlights from a previous weekly session!


Why Rapid Assistants are The Best at What They Do:

Rigorously Scouted, Vetted, and Trained Virtual Assistants!

Our Team Has Purchased Real Estate Sales Training from some of the best names in the industry. The Result? None of the trainings come remotely close to the depth and consideration of our training system. With over 14 Modules and Tests required to advance to the next, rest assured that the day your Rapid Assistant is ready for placement, they will be hitting the ground running.

Trained on Live Leads

After graduating our in depth training system, AQ Rapid Assistants are placed into our Podio CRM, and they get to communicate with live leads. This helps them practice and improve their skills and easily communicate with the team on any challenges they run into. AQ VAs continue to work live leads until the end of their training period up until they are approved and placed.

The Rapid Assistant Guarantee

We are so confident that you will love your new Rapid Assistant that we are willing to offer our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

All Rapid Assistant Virtual Assistant Purchases come with a 90-day guarantee effective from the date of your purchase.

If your VA does not complete tasks to hit the pre-designed metrics, or your VA quits at no fault of your own, you are entitled to the policy described at the bottom of our home page.

Live Calls From Our Clients AQ Rapid Assistants


聽Listen to our Killer Acquisitions VAs


Acquisitions Rapid Assistant

$14,997 One Time

$497 Due at Deposit

  • Fully Trained to Take Your Seller Leads, and Convert Them into Signed Contracts!
  • Full Time Hourly Work (see our pricing for current rates)
  • Small Commission per Closed Deal (that they got under contract-see our pricing for current rates)
  • Close Your Deals for a FRACTION of what a local agent would cost!
  • Live Sales Trained by Matt Larson (ongoing weekly)
  • You Choose Your Candidate, Each is Presented to You with Real Seller Lead Recordings, Test Results, and Resumes.
  • From Purchase to Placement is on or around 6-8聽weeks. Place your refundable deposit today to reserve your spot for this EXTREMELY High demand VA Position. We will schedule a call after purchase.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee -聽Full Details on Our Home Page
  • Salary- $15/hr /hour plus聽$300聽commission per closed deal
Get Your Acquisitions VA!

How it Works and Training Details:

It can take on or around 6-8 weeks to find, train, and place your VA.聽That is an estimated time frame but of course, will vary depending on your needs and our availability of AQ Virtual Assistants.

Make sure that. you check your email often as this will be the way you will be contacted with your AQ VA to review once we have one available.聽

Keep in mind that we cannot 'hold' VAs for a period of time as they rely on a steady income and we have to make room for our new VA candidates in training.聽

You do have the option to accept or wait for the next available VA. All VAs are on a first come first serve basis so please keep that in mind when you make a decision to move forward with a candidate. If you choose to wait, it could be weeks before you receive another option depending on availability. Other clients will be receiving the VA's information and also have the option to accept. Once a VA is accepted, that VA is no longer available. We will do our very best to update you as soon as this happens so that you are aware. If this happens, you will get another email once a new VA is ready for review.


What makes a client successful with an Acquisition VA?

Consistent daily lead generation and being/having an effective lead manager is crucial for success. You should have someone on the team keeping a steady stream of leads flowing in daily and assigning those leads to your acquisition VA. The lead manager is responsible for looking at the leads, determining if the deal will work, and providing your AQ VA with an offer to present to the seller as well as staying on top of the company KPIs. Staying involved in the necessary capacity will help you and your VA be successful.聽

What is the timeline to get an Acquisitions VA?

Due to the high demand, we do not start sourcing or training your VA until you have paid the deposit. Once the purchase has been made, we estimate it will take 6-8 weeks on average to source, train, and place your VA. This is an estimated timeline and can change due to the availability of our VAs so feel free to reach out to us for a current estimate at any time.

What to expect during the waiting period?

After you purchase your VA, there will be the stated waiting period while we are hard at work sourcing, screening, and training your VA. You will receive a confirmation email of the purchase and that will alert us to begin the search for your VA. We will request any additional information needed. During the waiting period, there are rarely any updates to the process so you may not hear from us for a while but we are always here for you. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about the process or the timeline.

Can I choose my Acquisitions VA?

Yes. Once a VA that matches your needs is available, we will present you with their information. All VAs are on a first come first serve basis and are sent to multiple clients to avoid any delay in the VAs employment. You will receive one VA option at a time. If you choose to decline the VA, you will be presented with another option once available.

Do you provide oversight, tracking, or manage my VA on a daily basis?

No. Once a VA is placed, it is up to you to manage the VA鈥檚 day to day activities and schedule. You will manage the VA just as you would any employee. The VAs are trained to send their SOD (start of day) and EOD (end of day) emails which will include their end of day KPIs. It is up to you to ensure they are in attendance, on task, and hitting goals throughout the work day. You will want to make sure they have a sufficient amount of leads to work and that you respond to offer requests as soon as possible.

Do you provide ongoing support and training?

Yes. We are here for questions, help with troubleshooting, and any concerns you or the VA may have.聽

Matt also provides a weekly coaching session with the AQ team to go over hot topics and pain points to increase their knowledge and skills.

The VAs also continue to have access to our full training library and resources while they are a Rapid Assistant.

Can my Acquisition VA work part time?

No. Due to the high demand and the VA quality, these VAs are only available as full time (40 hours a week).

How do I pay my VA?

VAs are paid weekly through our company. We will invoice you and you will have two options for payment.

Option 1: Sign up for autopay

Option 2: Pay the weekly salary in advance. You will receive an invoice for the first 2 weeks on your first invoice.

We will invoice you to collect payment on Friday or Saturday and the VA will be paid on their scheduled payment date the following Monday/Tuesday/or Wednesday depending on where they fall in our billing schedule. It鈥檚 important that we collect your VA payment on time so we can promptly set up the payment to go out to your VA on time. If we fail to receive payment, we will have to pause your service and pull your VA.聽聽

Are VAs paid for holidays or time off (sick or regular leave)?

No. VAs are only paid for hours worked. So be sure to review your invoice completely and let us know if there are any discrepancies so we can make appropriate adjustments if a VA was out sick or on vacation.聽

Keep in mind that although they are not provided with paid time off, VAs are just like any other employee and will face illness and need time off occasionally. Unless it becomes a recurring issue or a pattern, this is totally normal and to be expected. They should still be in communication with you and always update you if they plan to be out for any reason. Please contact us right away if you are having any issues reaching your VA.

Can I hire my Acquisitions VA direct?

No. Your Acquisition VA is employed by Rapid Assistants and is outsourced to you. They have a non-compete and non-disclosure agreement signed with us and they are not allowed to be directly employed with our clients. They are also not allowed to share our detailed training techniques, our online library resources, or discuss HR related issues such as pay with a client. This goes against our internal policies and signed agreements.

What are things my Acquisition VA will be trained to do?

Call handling for seller leads

Matt鈥檚 2 touch call system

Matt鈥檚 4 Moves that will win any negotiation

The importance of follow ups

Finding the motivation & pain points of sellers

Effective call strategies to build rapport聽

Talking to different personality types and how to adjust to each type

Overcoming objections

Podio CRM training and flow

Callrail Softphone training

Presenting Offers to sellers with proven techniques

Creating contracts based on our simple contract template

Sending contracts for electronic signature聽

Creating amendments to contract聽

Opening escrow with the title company

Coordinating a lockbox/photo appointment (you would need the local team set up)

Keeping touch with the seller as the point of contact until the deal closes

What are things my Acquisition VA is not trained to do?

The VA is not trained to do anything outside of the scope stated above.聽

More specifically they are not trained to聽

Run Comps/ARV

Generate the offer amount

Lead Generation

However, if you require them to use a different system or method than what we provide during training, you will need to provide that training and a sufficient amount of onboarding time to allow them to learn the material.聽

What systems are they trained on?

Podio CRM聽 (to manage and track lead flow)

Callrail Softphone (to make inbound and outbound calls)