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The #1 challenge most investors are experiencing right now is “unsold” deals.


Dispositions Virtual Assistants!

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Contracts pile up...then there just isn’t enough focus on getting them sold. 
It’s not that they can’t be sold...

There is a buyer for every house.

It’s just that most investors spend 80% of their time on acquisitions and 20% of their time on dispositions (selling the house)

Lots of reasons why...

  • The US has been in a crazy sellers market so most investors focused on finding the deals
  • Dispo salespeople are hard to find and are typically unreliable 
  • Investors don’t have the time to train them properly 
  • The market shift has tripped up your “old standby buyers”
  • Dispo negotiators aren’t trained well enough to handle a buyers' market 

Now is the time to separate yourself from the rest of the “wanna be’s” and get cash buyers to take notice of YOU AND YOUR DEALS.

How much does one “unsold” contract cost you?

$10k? $20k? (Likely more)

It’s VERY EXPENSIVE to have a contract go “unsold”...

I’ve made this “push button” simple with HUMAN AUTOMATION

 Dispositions Virtual Assistants

Here is what they can do for you.

 Research Buyers

  • They pull cash comps in the area to see what buyers are paying
  • They are well trained on the 12 ways to sell every contract (they find and hit every possible buyer)
  • They build your buyers list (or rebuild it)
  • They verify the buyers that want to see the house has real proof of funds
  • They pull the list, skip trace it, and contact cash buyers

 Transaction Coordination

  • They prepare the assignment contract or 2nd side purchase agreement
  • They manage showings of the house
  • They help the buyers add banks in the local area to speed up refinances after the sale (so they can buy more houses)
  • They negotiate with buyers on the phone to get you the absolute top price

 Sell Your "UNSOLD" Houses

  • They do weekly reach out to all buyers via email to add value
  • They communicate thru email, text, and phone
  • They build the sales brochure and email it to the buyer list
  • They reach out via text to every buyer after they pull the list to verify they want to see deals
  • They use our cash buyer domination system to send deals via phone (a top secret method that crushes)

There is a buyer for every house. 

If you are struggling to sell houses or contracts  this is your best move. 
Normal price on a Dispositions VA is $9997.

Right now we’ve slashed the price for the first 20 people that pick up a Dispo VA to $2997.

You can even just pay a small $249 deposit to get on the phone with me to discuss this fit into your business.

Once placed they will be paid weekly (on an hourly wage) and if they close a deal, they receive a small commission (see our pricing details for more info)
(A fraction of the price of an American Dispositions person)
Please allow approximately 6 weeks to deliver your fully trained Dispositions VA  “selling machine”
1 closed deal pays for this VA times 10
Don’t wait on this. Be one of the first 20 and get some killer bonuses. 
Thank you. 
Matt Larson 


$2,997 for a Dispositions VA!


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