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The Future of Real Estate. Get a Trained Lead Manager Virtual Assistant in a Few Clicks.

Imagine a world where you could set up a “done for you” wholesaling team...

Well, now it’s here.

The final piece is now available.


Our Lead Manager VA’s!

The Lead Manager VA’s are the final missing piece to round out our complete team.

Lead Managers do the following:

—Run the day to day operation
—Manage the marketing staff
—Decide good lead/bad lead
—Run comps
—Determine max offer price
—Run transaction coordination
—Dispo the property

Yes, these Lead Managers are 3 positions in one. Lead Managers, transaction coordinators, and Dispositions specialists...

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DISC + English Tested

We provide you with a DISC Personality, English, and Five Other Reports on Every Candidate.

Low Cost

Our Lead Manager VAs are just $16 per hour plus dispo commissions of $600 per closed deal.

Hundreds Interviewed

Our team filters down to the best VA after a tedious interview process.

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  • Hiring - Startup Fee of $6,997. This is the startup cost for us to screen and find a vetted VA, and then train them on the follow-up to bring them up to speed on our real estate systems and strategies. Once they are trained, we hand them off to you, ready to work!
  • Weekly Wages - Once your new VA is trained, they are your sole employee, but must be paid through our secure invoicing portal. We will have previously agreed on their hourly rate ($16/hr plus dispo commissions), and you will be sent a weekly invoice for their time. You will take the amount owed, and pay it through the portal.
  • Daily Reporting - Your follow-up VA is trained and required to submit you daily KPI reports. These reports are how you and Rapid Assistants will gauge your VA's success!

One Trained Lead Manager VA


$497 Deposit Due Now

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee-Your VA will complete your tasks with accuracy and to your satisfaction or we will find a new VA and re-train at no additional cost to you. Full details can be found at the bottom of our home page.

Anna Capistrano (VA)

I have been with Rapid Assistants for a month now, and I feel I'm growing with the company every single day. Our capability is not measured by what we can't do. Rapid Assistants provides continuous training, encourages improvement and we have an amazing support team!
With Rapid Assistants, you are never alone! They truly care about their clients and employees.

Ravi Cheema (Client)

I never thought getting a VA could be that simple and hassle-free of a process. I have hired VA’s in the past directly or through Upwork and some other providers and it’s always been a challenge to get the right fit. But this time all I was asked was "How many hours do you want your VA to work and which marketing plan do you want to stick to" and in a week, I get a trained VA on those specific tasks. Any questions I had got answered right away. Next thing, I requested to double the time and add some more tasks and now I have a trained VA getting me leads and doing all the tasks in a WEEK’S TIME. I am blown away by the efficiency and simplicity of the process.

Victor Cuevas (VA)

I'm barely new to the company, and right from my interview, I knew that Rapid Assistants is going to impact my learning experience for good. It has offered me the growth opportunity by recognizing the best of my abilities as a VA. I feel glad to work in such a challenging and positive work environment. The training and development never stop to keep your passion alive, but will also help you further your career. Shoutout to my Trainer: Hazel, thank you so much for the support and patience. I'll keep on progressing as I learn more from you guys.

What Qualifies Us to Train Your VA:

Thousands of Real Estate Transactions Completed, with VA's involved in every one.

Our real estate company buys and sells 20-30 houses a month and has for over a decade. Our company has purchased over 85 million dollars worth of real estate in the last 3 years alone.

A Pre-Built Training Library

In addition to providing real estate investors with Fully Trained Virtual Assistants, we also sell real estate education to the masses. We have created some of the best education available today, and your VA will have access to the entire library to learn as they go. 

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We Employ over 20 VA's on Our Staff

We know Virtual Assistants. With 20 VA's on staff and more being added monthly, we have been slowly restructuring our real estate business to run every position with a Virtual Assistant. (Except for "Boots-On the Ground" Positions)

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