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Are you ready to take your real estate business to the next level? With our trained real estate marketing virtual assistants, you can do just that. In just a few clicks, you can have a reliable and skilled VA working for you, handling all your marketing needs and freeing up your time to focus on growing your business. Our VA's are capable of pulling seller lead lists, skip tracing lists for phone numbers, mass texting seller leads, creating ringless voicemail drops, and even drafting and sending direct mail. They have proven work ethics, attractive pay scales, and the ability to work from home, making them a valuable asset to any real estate team. Don't waste any more of your valuable time on training new employees - let a VA handle it for you and watch your company's productivity soar by 10X. Don't miss out on this opportunity to buy back your valuable time - get a VA today.

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Highly Skilled

Your VA will be highly skilled in upper-level executive tasks and spend time with our team learning the CORE values and necessities.

DISC + English Tested

We provide you with a DISC Personality, English, and Five Other Reports on Every Candidate.

Low Cost

Wages for marketing VAs are paid hourly.

Hundreds Interviewed

Our team filters down to the best VA after a tedious interview process.

☝🏻Step One: See What Our Marketers Can Do.

NOTE: We HIGHLY recommend getting our Podio PowerHouse add-on at checkout with your Marketing VA. It allows your VA to be more successful in their marketing efforts and track all 11 critical KPIs to converting Real Estate Leads.

Our Marketing VAs will have experience and training in pulling lists, mass texting, and sending direct mail to drive seller leads into your business. They will also be trained on how to enter these leads into our optional Podio Powerhouse CRM so all you need to do is log in to Podio, hop on the phone with your leads, and convert them into closings. This VA has great data entry and reliable task completion capabilities. They are DISC personality tested to be natural "Consistent, Steady Worker".

They are trained in:

Pulling Seller Lead Lists
Skiptracing Lists for Phone Numbers
Mass Texting to Seller Leads
Creating Ringless Voicemail Drops
Sending Direct Mail (Drafting the postcards and sending)
Callrail (Creating local phone numbers, creating call flows, using a softphone)
Podio CRM (Adding Leads, Filling out Lead Sheet, Filing Receipts, Creating Campaigns).
Zapier Integration (Using Zapier to connect Sherpa to Podio)
Note: If you would like to train your VA on any additional tasks, you can do this by screen recording how you complete a process from start to finish and forward that video to your VA to learn from.

✌🏻Step Two: Select Your VA's Marketing Allowance

To maximize the effectiveness of your VA, we need you to choose a marketing allowance for them to stick to each month.

Each month, your VA will run marketing based on the Marketing Allowance that you choose. This allowance is not paid to us, but we ask that you have it available on a credit card for your VA to use directly.

Note: Any Required or Optional Subscriptions from Step One above can be deducted from the total Marketing Allowance. However, we recommend NOT deducting your VA's Hourly Wage from the allowance as we do not figure this into the marketing costs we provide.

Marketing VA Budget


Working 9,000 List Prospects per Month with Mass Texting

  • PROSPECTS: Lists $524/mo

  • PROSPECTS: Skiptracing $700/mo

  • MARKETING: Texting $500/mo

  • MARKETING: Free Channels $0

  • TRACKING: Callrail $130/mo

  • TRACKING: Podio $50/mo

  • TRACKING: Zapier $25/mo optional*

Buffer built into account for additional subscription costs by adding users, add ons, additional skip trace costs, etc.

***Note: These costs are estimates and subject to change at any time by the providers.


Marketing VA Budget


Working 14,000 List Prospects per Month with Mass Texting and Ringless Voicemail

  • PROSPECTS: Lists $949/mo

  • PROSPECTS: Skiptracing $1100/mo

  • MARKETING: Texting $850/mo

  • MARKETING: Ringless Voicemails $350/mo

  • MARKETING: Free Channels $0

  • TRACKING: Callrail $130/mo

  • TRACKING: Podio $50/mo

  • TRACKING: Zapier $25/mo optional*

Buffer built into account for additional subscription costs by adding users, add ons, additional skip trace costs, etc.

***Note: These costs are estimates and subject to change at any time by the providers.

Marketing VA Budget


Working 14,000 List Prospects per Month with Mass Texting, Ringless Voicemail, and Direct Mail

  • PROSPECTS: Lists $949/month

  • PROSPECTS: Skiptracing $1100/mo

  • MARKETING: Texting $850/mo

  • MARKETING: Direct Mail $2500/mo

  • MARKETING: Ringless Voicemail $350/mo

  • MARKETING: Free Channels $0

  • TRACKING: Callrail $130/mo

  • TRACKING: Podio $50/mo

  • TRACKING: Zapier $25/mo optional*

Buffer built into account for additional subscription costs by adding users, add ons, additional skip trace costs, etc.

***Note: These costs are estimates and subject to change at any time by the providers.

🙌🏻Step Two: Purchase Your VA

  • Hiring - Startup Fee of $1,750. This is the startup cost for us to screen and find a vetted VA, and then train them on either cold calling or marketing over a two-week period to bring them up to speed on our real estate systems and strategies. Once they are trained, we hand them off to you, ready to work!
  • Weekly Wages - Once your new VA is trained, they are your sole employee, but must be paid through our secure invoicing portal. We will have previously agreed on their hourly rate, and you will be sent a weekly invoice for their time. You will take the amount owed, and pay it through the portal.
  • Daily Reporting - If you purchased a Marketing or Cold Calling VA, they are trained and required to submit you daily KPI reports. These reports are how you and Rapid Assistants will gauge your VA's success!

Full Pay


For One Marketing Rapid Assistant

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee-Your VA will complete your tasks with accuracy and to your satisfaction or we will find a new VA and re-train at no additional cost to you.  Full details can be found at the bottom of our home page.

Anna Capistrano (VA)

I have been with Rapid Assistants for a month now, and I feel I'm growing with the company every single day. Our capability is not measured by what we can't do. Rapid Assistants provides continuous training, encourages improvement and we have an amazing support team!
With Rapid Assistants, you are never alone! They truly care about their clients and employees.

Ravi Cheema (Client)

I never thought getting a VA could be that simple and hassle-free of a process. I have hired VA’s in the past directly or through Upwork and some other providers and it’s always been a challenge to get the right fit. But this time all I was asked was "How many hours do you want your VA to work and which marketing plan do you want to stick to" and in a week, I get a trained VA on those specific tasks. Any questions I had got answered right away. Next thing, I requested to double the time and add some more tasks and now I have a trained VA getting me leads and doing all the tasks in a WEEK’S TIME. I am blown away by the efficiency and simplicity of the process.

Victor Cuevas (VA)

I'm barely new to the company, and right from my interview, I knew that Rapid Assistants is going to impact my learning experience for good. It has offered me the growth opportunity by recognizing the best of my abilities as a VA. I feel glad to work in such a challenging and positive work environment. The training and development never stop to keep your passion alive, but will also help you further your career. Shoutout to my Trainer: Hazel, thank you so much for the support and patience. I'll keep on progressing as I learn more from you guys.

Other Testimonials:

I'm delighted with Zeek. He's knowledgeable and very courteous. As of now, I'm still working by myself. We are doing very well. Yes. Zeek is sending both start and end of day reporting. No, he's not doing anything out of our scope of work. On a scale, he's a 10. I'm going to add additional work, I'll let you know when I do. Overall, I'm happy with the VA service. Marketing VA Ezekiel, client Victor Taylor

We are doing great, our marketing campaigns are running good, and I'm satisfied. Thank you! Marketing VA May, Client Roman Soyko

Paul is a valuable member of the team. In addition to his normal duties, he frequently helps us with IT issues. He has a great attitude. His KPIs look good at this time. I think when the team starts to generate bonuses he will do even better. Marketing VA Paul, Client Richard Bohn

She agreed! He will be sending over proof of funds! GREAT JOB JAMES for finding that lead!!!! THANK YOU DANNY FOR REACHING OUT TO THEM!!!! It made the call so much easier to have the info already for her to give us her time!!! You guys are AMAZING!!! Marketing VA James, Client Miranda

Kim is doing really well so far. No questions at the moment. Thank you for reaching out. Marketing VA Kim, Client Daniel Nicolino

Hey! My MVA is great! I contact Hazel every day through email and phone. She brings in leads every day! MVA Hazel, Client Corday Anderson

Just want to let you know that everything has been great with James. I've been having some babysitting issues that's why I haven't been very active. Today, I finally updated my card information needed to proceed with the marketing campaign. We closed on one property yesterday and today we put another property under contract. Everything has been looking good so far. Some delays but it's not James' fault. Thank you for following up with me. MVA James, Client Christian

Jenniva is doing a wonderful job. We have not closed any deals yet but that is not the result of her efforts. MVA Jenniva, Client Ben Fredricks

Yes, everything is fine. Robert is doing well with generating leads via texting campaigns! MVA Rob, Client Rod and Barbara Graham.


Rob is doing well, we are getting the most leads from him. MVA Rob, Client Rod and Barbara Graham.


VA Testimonials/ Feedback:

I've been working with Rapid Assistance for a year now and I've always had a fantastic experience. Everyone is approachable and ready to support one another like a family. They will go out of their way to make you feel loved and appreciated, unlike any other organization I've ever worked for. The management genuinely cares for the VAs and is open to feedback. I'm grateful to Rapid Assistance for helping me in changing my financial situation and for providing me with the opportunity to grow professionally. MVA Roberto Eramis Jr.

Working with Rapid Assistants for more than a year is finding a rare mix of work-life balance, the work culture here has helped me to learn and grow both personally and professionally.There are a lot of growth opportunities here for those who are willing to learn new things and to those who are open to feedback. MVA Suzzaine Yamon

It's been a year since I started working with Rapid Assistant and it has indeed been a very enriching experience for me. It is an organization which offers opportunities for everyone to foster and grow both professionally and personally. Rapid Assistant is a great place to work and strive for a friendly, team-oriented environment and always ready to provide assistance and training to help you learn new skills. MVA Jonalyn Cabalhin

I have been with Rapid Assistants for more than a year now, and they have given me a sense of stability when it comes to work. They have a certain process to ensure that every VA is not only well-trained for certain skills but also has a positive attitude toward work. Rapid Assistants gave me a lot of opportunities but also the option to choose the type of work that I want to do. I feel secure and happy in what I do. MVA Jerome Navarro

I have been with Rapid Assistants for quite some time now and I can say that they help you grow as an individual. They provide all the necessary training before placing you in a role and they have follow-up training if anything new needs to be implemented. They also take care of their VA's trying to look for new clients to place you whenever the need arises. MVA Ezekiel Rala

What Qualifies Us to Train Your VA:

Thousands of Real Estate Transactions Completed, with VA's involved in every one.

Our real estate company buys and sells 20-30 houses a month and has for over a decade. Our company has purchased over 85 million dollars worth of real estate in the last 3 years alone.

A Pre-Built Training Library

In addition to providing real estate investors with Fully Trained Virtual Assistants, we also sell real estate education to the masses. We have created some of the best education available today, and your VA will have access to the entire library to learn as they go. 

Hire Your Trained VA Today

We Employ 20 VA's on Our Staff

We know Virtual Assistants. With 10 VA's on staff and more being added monthly, we have been slowly restructuring our real estate business to run every position with a Virtual Assistant. (Except for "Boots-On the Ground" Positions)

How it Works and Training Details:

It can take on or around 3-4 weeks to find, train, and place your VA. That is an estimated time frame but of course, will vary depending on your needs and our availability of Virtual Assistants.

Make sure that. you check your email often as this will be the way you will be contacted with your VA to review once we have one available. 

Keep in mind that we cannot 'hold' VAs for a period of time as they rely on a steady income and we have to make room for our new VA candidates in training. 

You do have the option to accept or wait for the next available VA. All VAs are on a first come first serve basis so please keep that in mind when you make a decision to move forward with a candidate. If you choose to wait, it could be weeks before you receive another option depending on availability. Other clients will be receiving the VA's information and also have the option to accept. Once a VA is accepted, that VA is no longer available. We will do our very best to update you as soon as this happens so that you are aware. If this happens, you will get another email once a new VA is ready for review.


What makes a client successful with a Marketing VA?

Hits KPI goals- generates 5-10 leads/ day while maintaining a good deal and response rate. Given that your VA has everything they need, - lists, working SMS tools, etc, they should be able to generate leads out of your campaigns and hit expected goals.
Knows and applies text message marketing best practices Your MVA is trained and equipped to handle SMS campaigns. They should be able to apply what they have acquired during training to make a successful SMS campaign.
Knows how to assess seller motivation. Assessing a seller's interest in selling is an important key for a lead. Our MVAs are trained in handling live leads to ensure they know when to push a lead or not to your CRM.
Text Campaign KPI review and can do minor campaigns and stats troubleshooting. If the MVA notices anything that seems "off", they should jump in and work to troubleshoot on their own or with the VA manager.
Reliable. We are very big in terms of reliability. Your MVA should be able to respond within a reasonable amount of time to any of your messages unless they're on break.
Proactive and communicates with clients. VAs should be proactive whenever they need something that can help out the campaign and doesn't need to wait for the client to point out that there aren't many leads generated, etc. Constant communication is essential to achieve success!

Who pulls the list and skiptraces the list?

You should have someone on the team assigned as the ‘lead’ processor. This is usually the marketing VA or the cold calling VA, with the guidance of you, the client. If you have more than 1 VA on your team, you will need to designate one of those VAs to be in charge of this task to avoid duplicate list pulls and any confusion around the list purchase or skip tracing. You will also need to give your VA permission to make any purchase. We are not responsible for any purchases made by the VA on your behalf.

What is the timeline to get a VA?

Due to the high demand, we do not start sourcing or training your VA until you have paid the deposit. Once the purchase has been made, we estimate it will take 2-4 weeks on average to source, train, and place your VA. This is an estimated timeline and can change due to the availability of our VAs so feel free to reach out to us for a current estimate at any time.

What to expect during the waiting period?

After you purchase your VA, there will be the stated waiting period while we are hard at work sourcing, screening, and training your VA. You will receive a confirmation email of the purchase and that will alert us to begin the search for your VA. We will request any additional information needed. During the waiting period, there are rarely any updates to the process so you may not hear from us for a while but we are always here for you. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about the process or the timeline.

Can I choose my VA?

Yes. Once a VA that matches your needs is available, we will present you with their information. All VAs are on a first come first serve basis and are sent to multiple clients to avoid any delay in the VAs employment. You will receive one VA option at a time. If you choose to decline the VA, you will be presented with another option once available.

Do you provide oversight, tracking, or manage my VA on a daily basis?

No. Once a VA is placed, it is up to you to manage the VA’s day to day activities and schedule. You will manage the VA just as you would any employee. The VAs are trained to send their SOD (start of day) and EOD (end of day) emails which will include their end of day KPIs. It is up to you to ensure they are in attendance, on task, and hitting goals throughout the work day. You will want to make sure they have a sufficient amount of leads to work and that you respond to offer requests as soon as possible.

Why does my marketing VA appear offline?

Marketing VAs will spend the majority of their day in the text marketing campaign receiving texts and replying to sellers. They may not appear in your CRM as active because they are busy in their campaign. If you ever have doubts about your VA’s current status, reach out to them and ask for an update. You can also log into the platform to check activity and timestamps. If you feel you need additional oversight we can refer you to our affiliate, Hubstaff if you would like to sign up for their services to track your VAs time, activity, and see screenshots of their work. We do not handle this set up or management but can provide you a VIP link. Just reach out.

Do you provide ongoing support and training?

Yes. We are here for questions, help with troubleshooting, and any concerns you or the VA may have. 

The VAs also continue to have access to our full training library and resources while they are a Rapid Assistant.

Can my VA work part time?

Yes. We have part time and full time options available for this VA type.

How do I pay my VA?

VAs are paid weekly through our company. We will invoice you and you will have two options for payment.

Option 1: Sign up for autopay

Option 2: Pay the weekly salary in advance. You will receive an invoice for the first 2 weeks on your first invoice.

We will invoice you to collect payment on Friday or Saturday and the VA will be paid on their scheduled payment date the following Monday/Tuesday/or Wednesday depending on where they fall in our billing schedule. It’s important that we collect your VA payment on time so we can promptly set up the payment to go out to your VA on time. If we fail to receive payment, we will have to pause your service and pull your VA.  

Are VAs paid for holidays or time off (sick or regular leave)?

No. VAs are only paid for hours worked. So be sure to review your invoice completely and let us know if there are any discrepancies so we can make appropriate adjustments if a VA was out sick or on vacation. 

Keep in mind that although they are not provided with paid time off, VAs are just like any other employee and will face illness and need time off occasionally. Unless it becomes a recurring issue or a pattern, this is totally normal and to be expected. They should still be in communication with you and always update you if they plan to be out for any reason. Please contact us right away if you are having any issues reaching your VA.

Can I hire my VA directly?

No. Your VA is employed by Rapid Assistants and is outsourced to you. They have a non-compete and non-disclosure agreement signed with us and they are not allowed to be directly employed with our clients. They are also not allowed to share our detailed training techniques, our online library resources, or discuss HR related issues such as pay with a client. This goes against our internal policies and signed agreements.

What are things my Marketing VA will be trained to do?

Apply Text Message Marketing Best Practices

Pulling and Purchasing Seller Lead Lists

Skiptracing data  

Callrail Softphone for in/outbound calls

Assessing seller motivation  

Podio CRM to Enter Leads

Text Platform to create and send Campaigns 

Text Campaign KPI review and minor troubleshooting skills.

What are things my Marketing VA is not trained to do?

The VA Is not trained outside of the scope of details above but more specifically they are not trained in these areas:

Cold calling

Running Comps/ARV

Generating offers

Negotiating with Sellers

Can I ask my Marketing VA to do other tasks?

We do not recommend this because it will impact your lead generation. If you ask your VA to perform any function outside of their trained objectives, you will need to provide the training and oversight. We also will not be able to effectively troubleshoot your lead generation if your VA is not performing lead generation duties full time.  

What systems are they trained on?

Seller List Pulls

(Alternative List Sources available in training library)

Free Lead Generation


Podio CRM to enter leads

Callrail Softphone for in/outbound calls

Mass Texting Platform