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Grow Your Brand With our Social Media Manager Virtual Assistant 

Increase Brand Recognition, Drive Sales, and Stay Connected with Customers


Double your social media following and double your revenue...

But don't stop there.


Social media is the big domino sitting in front of you that if pushed down...
It would knock the rest of the dominos down.
More leads, more sales, more eyeballs...more revenue.
But just having a big following isn't enough...
You need daily activities executed properly to harvest the power of your following.
Step 1. Grow your audience
Step 2. Create revenue from your audience
How do you grow your audience?
By consistently posting content on each social media platform:
-Facebook (Reels, stories, posts)
-Instagram (Reels, stories, posts)
-YouTube (shorts and longs)
-Linked In
  -Twitter (X)
And any current or future platform that shows up.
Your social media VA does not get access to your passwords.
They can post thru software programs that hide passwords but allow access to posting.
Consistent daily posting of great content will consistently grow your following...
As your following grows, your revenue grows with consistent calls to action.
1 time placement fee is $2500.
 Hourly rate is $12/hr 
With the right offer/plan you can make back 10x the weekly cost of 1 social media VA.

What can our Social Media Managers do for you? 

  • Video Editing (You must record the videos. They can edit and add subtitles)
  • Image Creatives (for stories/reels/posts)
  • Manage Inbox and Comments (delete and block annoying haters)
  • Daily Posting and Post Scheduling
  • Direct Message Outreach
  • Lead Generation
  • Manage¬†online Presence
  • Grow Your Following
  • Transform your Brand and Image
  • Customer Support
  • (Inquire for Specialties¬†or Platforms you'd like your VA to have experience with)
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Placement Fee


For Qualified Social Media Manager

*Plus ongoing hourly rate 

  • 100% Satisfaction¬†Guarantee-Your VA will complete¬†your tasks with accuracy and to your satisfaction or we will find a new¬†VA at no additional cost to you.
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What customers are saying...

Pawel Tomczyk

"Going well with Marco! I don’t have any questions or concerns"

Jasper Cool

"Michael has been doing amazing so far! I think he's gotten us 22 contracts since starting at the very end of January so he's been phenomenal!

Thank you for the follow-up, I'd be most interested in a lead manager VA or possibly another ACQ VA in the near future.’’

Tristan Adkins

"My VA Sean, is doing great!

We are waiting on a cold calling VA currently!"

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