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Let's say you have a business, any business...

doesn't matter.

And you need help creating new customers and growing your business to the next level...

You don’t have time to call...

But you’re not quite big enough to hire a full-time virtual

assistant to cold call...

And you just don’t want the hassle of:


     ✅setting up the dialer

     ✅building a customized script for your business

     ✅managing the VA

     ✅uploading the list

     ✅adding leads to your CRM

     ✅tracking KPIs

We now have the EASY solution...

 Let us take the burden off your shoulders with our professional cold-calling service.


Our team of experts will handle the tedious task of cold calling, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your business.

Get Started Today

With our “On Demandcold calling service,


Just pay for the dials...for one small, low price...

Give us your list to call...

And we call the list and generate leads for you.

You wake up each day with more leads.

No List? No Problem!

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☝🏻Our "On-Demand" Cold Calling Service is perfect for ANY business.

✅ Real Estate Investing
✅ Landscaping
✅ Solar Panel Business
✅ Real Estate Agents
✅ Gutter Cleaning
✅ House/Business Cleaning
✅ Roofing

✅ Financial Services
✅ Handyman
✅ Pet Yard Clean Up
✅ Window Washing
✅ Plumbing/HVAC/Electrical
✅ Tree Trimming/Removal

Finding new business will be a “no hassle” thing of the past.

☎️ Listen to our Cold Caller Virtual Assistants here ☎️

☎️Our On-Demand Cold Calling Service Gives you

Unfair Advantages you Can't get Anywhere else.

We Provide:


✅Hands-free management: Say goodbye to the hassle of managing a VA. No need for meetings, performance evaluations, troubleshooting, or answering endless questions.


✅All-inclusive tools: We provide all the necessary dialer tools, eliminating the need for you to set up or learn new technology.


✅Guaranteed lead flow: On average for 2500 dials you can expect to receive 13-25 leads, ensuring a steady stream of potential leads for your business.


✅Quick start time: Don't waste any time on the hiring and onboarding process. Sign up with us and we'll have leads flowing in within 1-2 days.


✅Effortless automation: Give us your CRM web form link and we'll take care of the rest. Leads will be automatically entered into your CRM, saving you time and energy.

☎️On Demand Cold Calling VS a Full Time Cold Caller

Currently, both of Matt Larson's cold calling options, On-Demand and Full Time VA Cold Caller generate 2-5 leads per day on average (2500 dials per week). Both of these are great options to ramp up your lead generation FAST. 

So what's the difference?

How do you choose?

Quick Comparison:

On-Demand (also known as "pay as you go")

✅We provide the VA and the Multi-Line Dialer

✅We Manage the VA

✅We optimize the dialer settings and review the quality assurance of calls

✅Can be used Full Time or Supplementally to your other lead gen avenues

✅Hands off Experience

✅You provide the list or purchase one of ours and we can do that for you too!

✅More Expensive Option

✅Price is subject to change (currently running specials but those could end anytime and rates will go back to normal)

✅No time commitments, once your order is done, you can re-order (or not)


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 Full Time Cold Call VA:

✅Perfect for Consistency and Scaling your Team

✅Ideal for those engaged in full-time dialing and lead generation

✅You would provide the dialer, giving you more control over settings and visibility of your platform

✅Ongoing Support- You'd manage the day to day but we are here (forever) for support and troubleshooting as needed.

Less expensive option 

✅Price is locked, we never raise your hourly rate

✅2 week notice requested. Although there are no contract time commitments we do ask for a 2 week notice so we can better manage staffing. Cancel anytime.


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With the On-Demand service, we provide a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) report upon the completion of each campaign. For instance, if you opt for 2500 dials, the report will be sent to you once all 2500 dials are completed.

On the other hand, with a full-time VA, the VA themselves would send an End of Day (EOD) report with KPIs every day, along with an End of Week report. 


Whether you decide to use our service or not, make sure you are monitoring your KPIs closely!

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